Go Green For Spring

I saw an article in the Washington Post last week titled “Millennials are filling their homes — and the void in their hearts — with houseplants.” Not going to lie, I think they might be on to something. But, I’d like to believe we are also nurturing our wellness at the same time. Not only do houseplants they look good on the gram, but factually, house plants are good for your health. Introducing plants into our homes actually counteracts the negative effects of city living by improving air quality, creating oxygen and absorbing harmful chemicals and regulating humidity.

That’s why more and more people are turning their living space into “urban jungles,” and it isn’t just for pretty photos. Plants are believed to make people more productive, reduce stress and spread happiness. Go on, search the hashtag #urbanjungle, #plantgang or #jungalow, and get inspired for spring.