Jadan’s Nail Color Favorites

One of my FAVORITE new finds: O.P.I by Sephora “Only Gold For Me” Top coat Nail Polish – To Die For!!!  I actually discovered it waiting in line at Sephora.  I painted a quick coat over my already black nails.  I LOVED it!  But $9 for a nail polish?  No thank you!  Within 2 days I couldn’t keep track of all the compliments I was receiving.  Naturally, I went back immediately and had to have it.  $9 didn’t seem so expensive anymore.

Last year, I remember when the “Happy Birthday” Lippman Nail Lacquer was the craze and no one could find it anywhere!  This year, it’s available for $18 at lippmancollection.com.  Wear it over colored polish or just rock it on its own!

– Jadan