Stylish Pajamas To Keep You Chic On Your Zoom Meetings

Quarantine essentials… food, toilet paper and silk pajamas.

I know many of you are getting dressed everyday, making sure your jeans still fit each morning and you haven’t lost all control… Good for you guys. Most of the world is finding themselves in pajamas till noon until they finally muster the strength to take a shower and throw on some workout clothes for that fitness video they may or may not do.

This past week, after talking to a few friends who have to get on a daily zoom call I figured out the quarantine fit of all quarantine fits. From sleepwear to workwear, silky, PJ-style blouses are where it’s at. These classy blouses had already been approved pre-covid to make the jump from bed to the boardroom, so now more than ever we should be embracing them on our work calls. All you need are a few accessories (a dash of mascara, and a bit of blush) and no one will know you’re wearing the comfy set you just rolled out of bed in. I’m calling it “quarantine zoom call casual.”

Xo, Jadan