What She Wore : Island Edition

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The Blonde and The Brunette decided we wanted to start doing more personal what she wore / outfit of the day articles more often! We thought it might be a fun way to give you a better idea as to who we are individually, seeing as style is a way to express your personality without having to speak.

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To kick this fun idea into action, lucky me, I get to start by giving you the inside scoop on last weeks trip to Hawaii. I’ll be showcasing what I wore, and featuring a few of my favorite pieces from a few awesome companies that came along for the ride!

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 Freebird Necklace : Karen London Jewelry – Made me feel like a bohemian princess every time I put it around my neck! The colors and craftsmanship are unreal!

Earrings : Katie Dean Jewelry – Love these beauties!!! They were my signature “Island Girl” earrings. The arrowhead was a perfect addition to my wardrobe.

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 Starry Skies Cuff : Karen London Jewelry

Tribal Wrap : Ettika

Diamond & Heart Rings : Loud Love Jewelry

Triangle Ring : Virginie Millefiori

On an island or not, I wear each of these pieces every single day. That should give you an idea as to how durable, versatile, and awesome each of them are!

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Headwrap : Homemade – Go to your local craft store, and all you need is leather wrap, feathers and wire wraps!

Purse : Forever 21 – Black, white and beautiful! Loved this bag the moment I saw it, and have gotten endless compliments ever  since! It’s inexpensive, durable, and can dress up or down for any occasion.

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Bathing Suit : Victoria Secret – Love their bright colors for s/s 14. Victoria Secret cut, colors, & fit never disappoint!

Sunglasses : Shwood  – LOVE that they’re made of wood! Perfect for an island getaway!

Earrings : Katie Dean Jewelry – Mini feather chain earrings that dangle all day, but I never had to worry about them falling off into the ocean!

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Hat : Everyday California – The hat says it all! Representing the awesome vibes of California even in Hawaii, because we love the city we came from!

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If you don’t have any Hawaiian getaways planned, I hope you quickly make some, or at the very least, I hope you’ve poured up a Mai Tai, and have enjoyed my photos. 


Xx. Jadan Huter