19 4t: The Perfect t-shirt


Designing the perfect t-shirt is a big feat, but to 19 4t designer Linda, it was a challenge that needed to be met. Her line of fitted-yet-relaxed shirts and sweaters make for the perfect companion for shredded jeans to men’s harem pants. Linda gives us the dish on her phenomenal fabrics, favorite piece from the collection, and nostalgia for decades past.

1. What was your motivation behind starting 19 4t?
19 4t began as an effort to combine comfort with luxury. It was an idea that would soon create a new niche that was non-existent in the marketplace.

2. What is the meaning behind the name?
Linda was the most sought out name for a female in the ’40s. Representing the designer was key when looking into branding the name. In order to help represent the line both as a knit and jersey line, the “40” pronunciation was converted to a “t” for t-shirts.

3. What was your inspiration for this Spring collection?
Inspirations are always conceptual and I find that when I go to design a new collection it’s never one idea that executes into the end result. The brand is ever changing and I always try to re-create what is thought of as the norm. In this case I exaggerated a typical “v” panel that you find on many sweatshirts from various brands and took a chance by adding in contrast fabrication, exaggerating the “v” and adding piping. Once I was all done, it represented a futuristic woman prancing around in her chic sweatshirt.

4. Describe the 19 4t girl in 3 words:
Confident, Classic, Leader

5. How do your tees stand out from the rest?
The line is predominantly made of Japanese fabrication, which is the best in the marketplace. If we ever use local fabrication, we tend to source from mills that are comparable to our Japanese mills. We source high quality cottons and cotton blends that tend to set us apart from a world of manufacturing that mostly focuses on mass production.

6. If you can live in a different decade, which would it be and why?
Well, I am an eighties child and that’s where my heart belongs. I dream of having lived my later teens in the eighties and experiencing music and fashion in an era that I find to be most creative.

7. How would you style the classic white t-shirt?
I like oversized men’s t-shirts from RRL or my favorite Acne cotton tee that is impossible to find from eons ago and pair them with a black torn skinny jean or men’s drop crotch pants. To add on some flavor, I change up the outerwear and it tends to always be something fun and different, like a green Kenzo jacket or a cool APC peacoat. Last but not least a pair of cool ankle boots.

8. What is your favorite piece from the Spring collection?
I would have to say the crewneck with the contrast rib. This piece transcends from a casual sweatshirt to an article of clothing that can very well be a conversational piece. Blog031413_3Blog031413_2

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