5 Fabulous Fall Hosiery Trends

The classic black opaque tight is always in style.  But in the past few years, textured and patterned hosiery has definitely made a big comeback (especially last year’s lace tights).  Here at The Blonde & The Brunette, we believe legwear is an accessory that can make just as big a statement as a great necklace or bracelet.  Not to mention, it also extends your wardrobe since adding new hosiery can dramatically change up the look of any outfit.  So why not spice up your wardrobe with some of my favorite hosiery trends for this season?

  1. Over-the-knee socks are a great alternative to your standard black tight when wearing a shorter skirt.  I love these Mohair Over-The-Knee Socks by Hue ($14).
  2. Vertical Stripes are great for elongating the leg.  They also added a lot of texture and interest to my solid red dress (pictured above).  Try ASOS Solid Sheer Stripe Tights ($17.97).
  3. Dots.  Large dots, pin dots, any dots.  Club Monaco Swiss Dot Tights ($30) are great for a more sophisticated look (try them with an Equipment top, pencil skirt and pumps), while Commando’s Large Dot 10 Denier Tights ($32) really make a graphic, bold statement (great with a mini skirt and oversized sweater).  (FYI – “denier” refers to the weight of the knit; the lower the number, the sheerer.  A “10 Denier” is pretty sheer; 40 denier+ are your opaque tights.)
  4. Animal print like these ASOS Leopard Print Tights $14.38
  5. Ankle Socks! Any ankle sock will work, so be creative and let them show!  Experiment with textures, colors, and patterns/prints.

– Ashlee, Brunette Contributor