A New Trend? Short Blonde Bobs + Platinum

OK.  We think we see an exciting trend here. Striking blonde and “Snow White” cuts and bobs. They’re sexy and fresh. Make sure your eye make-up is just as graphic as your hair. Black eyeliner around your entire eye is key to balancing the entire look. We even spotted a few great cuts at the MOCA Happening the other night. How does it work? Wella makes some of the best products and it takes a bleacher + a toner to get the right results. Do not do this on your own! Ask  your colorist for “White Lady” or “Virgin Snow” for the white, white look. At José’ Eber, Stephanie does the best bob cuts and Karine is the colorist for striking blondes in bold shades. Call 310-278-7646 for an appointment.

-The Brunette and José