A Trip Down Memory Lane

Photo by Patrick McMullan

Last night, BnB was at the SOHO House for a night of red carpet style! Cameron Silver and Christos Garnikos, the Kings of Vintage and co-founders of DECADES, wowed the fabulous crowd of Hollywood connoisseurs and style mavens with vintage red carpet dresses from the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s, created by historic designers and worn on the Hollywood Red Carpet by such legends such as Marilyn Monroe and Marlene Dietrich.
The event celebrated brunette author Lesley Blume’s new book, LET’S BRING BACK, a charming trip down memory lane written for the nostalgist hiding in all of us.  The book is exquisitely written, at the same time, a tribute to the era of Kennedy’s Camelot, the life and work of people like Diana Vreeland, a celebration of “artful living” and “artfully lived lives” such as Isabella Blow; it is organized as an A-Z encyclopedia of all things that amused, impressed, enchanted, appalled, shocked, enhanced, satisfied, gratified, and captivated people throughout history.  Lesley invited celebrities and luminaries from all walks of life to contribute something they think should be brought back such as Arriana Huffington, Ted Koppel, Jackie Kennedy’s White House Social Secretary Letitia Baldridge, Jonathan Adled and Nora Ephron, and James Brooks.
I bought five copies as gifts, all signed and then got very angry because I could not put it down until nearly 4AM as I read chapter after chapter of eclectic historical tidbits.  You will love this book and give it to all your most cerebral and artistic friends.

– Astrid, Style & Beauty Expert