Astrid Bryan’s Everyday Makeup Bag

Being on camera every day and having to look picture perfect is harder than you think.  As a model I learned a quick and very natural way from the best in the industry; I start by applying MAC concealer under my eyes, then brush Studio Fix C4 over my entire face.  I accentuate my cheek bones with MAC’s Harmony and always use NARS Black Moon Eye pencil under my eyes to create that rock and roll “smoky eye” look.  If I want a softer look, I’ll use Estee Lauder’s Brown eye pencil.  My favorite to create the giant lashes is Maybelline’s Mascara.  I use Mac’s Eye Brow liner “Spiked” and then finish my eyes with Maybelline’s clear gel Mascara to hold my eye brows all day long.  For my lips I start with MAC’s Subculture lip pencil then apply MAC’s Jubilee lipstick and finish them with MAC’s Lip Gloss “Wildly Lush”.  I always carry Chanel’s Black Satin nail polish in my purse in case I get chip a nail ☺; that’s my trademark-black nail polish!!

My simple advice?  If you put lots of makeup on your eyes, keep the lipstick as natural as possible!

This is what’s in my everyday makeup bag:

– Astrid, Style & Beauty Expert