Be The Queen…Of Hearts!




How incredible are these playing card clutches? The Greek designer, whose real name is Urania Giourmetaki, founded her label in 2010, after becoming inspired by her father’s plexiglass business.

Working out of her family’s plexiglass factory in Greece, it takes up to 12 hours for Urania to handcraft each clutch, and sometimes even longer for custom pieces. Each one of a kind clutch is handcrafted in Greece, made with the finest materials, and finished with the brand’s signature brass gold-plated logo. It’s the real definition of luxury in today’s world of elite must-have designers.

Personally, I think these playing card clutches, are a MUST for your next trip to Vegas, but just remember, these are a couple of cards you don’t want to gamble with! How special will you feel prancing around the casino with something the queen of hearts would surely covet!

Xx. Jadan Huter