Get Buffed With BelleCore

Bathing suit season is really here and we started looking for a little extra help with cellulite.  While there is no known cure to completely banish it, there are a number of ways to help minimize its appearance, so you (and that includes me)  can don a bathing suit and head to the beach with a touch more confidence. Nutritionally start consuming less sugar and salt (not easy), sprinkle a little flax seed on your breakfast cereal ( can do that), really drink those 8 to 10 glasses  of water a day (which is not easy for me) and add 75 mg’s of vitamin C each day to your diet with a cup of strawberries or a kiwi a day.

I also  just added the BelleCore Buffer to my regimen. Simply put, this  bodybuffer “simultaneously spins and zigzags back and forth, sending constant, concentrated energy into treated areas. This oscillating massage boosts blood and lymphatic flow, stimulates collagen formation and stretches fibrous tissues to improve elasticity – creating multiple benefits for your appearance.”

It works by building healthy dermal bridges or fibrous bands that keep necessary fat stores contained deep under the skin. However, when these bridges lose their elasticity and stiffen, fat cells can start to swell and bulge. The bridges remain tethered, creating an inner structural collapse noticed externally as the puckering and lumpiness of cellulite.


BelleCore bodybuffers’ random orbital oscillation action stretches those dermal bridges and stimulates collagen reorganization, improving elasticity and reducing the puckering seen on the skin’s surface. This Bodybuffing massage action increases blood flow and lymphatic drainage in treated areas – enhancing the body’s natural detoxification processes and shrinking swollen fatty tissues, which results in smoother-looking skin. It even helps edema.

There are two versions of the buffer, the babyBelle for $295 (which is also easy to travel with) and the original HoneyBelle in white and pink for $395. It’s won numerous awards and there are reams of testimonials. They promise great results within 30 days, its available at  Neiman Marcus or go to BelleCore. I also love this as a great gift idea!


NJ, The Brunette