Burberry Brights Eyewear

There is a bright new option on the scene to add some real fun to your accessories wardrobe. Just in time for those lazy summer days, it’s Burberry Brights Eyewear featuring light, foldable sunglasses. They’re for guys and gals. With gradient, 100% UV lens which is perfect with the top down. My favorite thing about them is their innovative collapsible, center-fold design that protects the frames. That spells p-e-r-f-e-c-t when you want to carry a small purse. That makes them a keeper worth the investment. Best of all, they come in 10 intoxicating colors from spearmint, beetroot, lime, pollen, citrus, to of course, a bright white and basic black and brown.  $250 online at www.burberry.com

– NJ, The Brunette