What She Wore: Kaufman Franco

WPOLA Holiday Party 2009

Carousel of Hope 2010

Straight from the “inventory” in my closet, this almost one-of-a-kind, classic Kaufman Franco gown is a personal favorite and I couldn’t wait to find that special occasion to wear it again.  I’ve followed Issac and Ken from the beginning and they never fail me.  Last year, I wore it to host the WPOLA Holiday Party (and that’s my wonderful husband by my side) with the fabulous Louis Vuitton “Bunny Ears” gifted to me and this year it was stunning at the bi-annual Carousel of Hope Ball to benefit The Barbara Davis Center For Childhood Diabetes.  You know the event.  This year, Jennifer Lopez (she looked amazing) and Marc Anthony performed a very sexy duet, Jay Leno was the emcee, Akon did, yes, his mega-hit, Maria Shriver and Quincy Jones accepted their well-deserved honors and then Gladys Knight brought the house down.  And it’s true, Halle Berry (loved her gown) and Oliver Martinez were entranced with each other.  But, here’s the most important thing, and Barbara Davis summed up the night very simply, “one in three children are born with diabetes. It’s random and it’s an epidemic”.  Barbara, who had been affected by diabetes, asked those who were also affected by Diabetes to raise their hands.  Hands went up in half the ballroom.  Thanks to Tiffany’s, we were able to join them as they helped support the cause. Oh…and that’s me with Dena, a great brunette from Colorado, who I met for the first time that afternoon and bumped into her again at the event that night.  A very happy coincidence. childrensdiabetesfoundation.org

-The Brunette