Casual Friday


We always talk about this at the office. Sometimes it’s harder to dress for casual Friday than the rest of the work week.  We found six looks that use wardrobe staples that any girl should truly consider as must haves.

A denim jacket. Layer over a skirt, skinny jeans or a skirt. We’re calling this the “Kathryn”, since no one does it better than she does. Cropped black denim jeans.  So Astrid or NJ along with black booties or the new pointy toe flats. They work with almost any look.  A casual skirt. Lauren really knows how to work this and dress it down or up depending on our meeting schedule. Finally, if you are really bored and want to change your look, cobalt blue makes anything pop no matter your hair color.

If you are missing one of these staples, click here. You can’t go wrong.

-The Blonde & The Brunette Team