Christophe Decarnin Departing Balmain

I think we all hoped for a happy ending to this fashion drama. WWD is reporting that Christophe Decarnin is leaving Balmain and, although it is somewhat under a cloud, there is no denying that we (especially Astrid, NJ and Susan) loved his rock ‘n roll chic.  Being a California contingent, we had heard many rumors including that Decarnin had temporarily relocated to “recover” (Arizona).  When Charlie Sheen and his goddesses live in your neighborhood, well, you do get the scoop on certain types of things. However, this seems to be more about the direction of the line and differences with the CEO including Decarnin being able to show more of his range. The fashion press comments had escalated about whether “Balmania” was getting repetitive; but, from the loyal celebrity following  from Kate Moss, Beyoncé to Kanye West, his designs continued to resonate in the music world and beyond.

Most of all, we are going to miss his cutting-edge fashion contributions and his influence. If you own something by him, it’s a collector’s item.  The Brunette personally scored the famous “Michael Jackson” jacket (above) a few years ago when a sales associate suddenly produced it from a very secret hiding place.  I had spent many months dreaming about this jacket.  I used my points (for a whole year) to grab it and whenever I wear it, the response is always the same.  It makes people smile with delight.  We are sure the powers that be will find another capable “visionary” (and we hear it may be in-house and announced shortly).  In other words, a well-planned exit by corporate.

We wanted to pay tribute to his amazing work. We’ll miss him but know he will resurface again just when we least expect it. We love you Christophe!

– Astrid, Style & Beauty Expert and NJ, The Brunette