Couture 2013 Fall: Chanel’s Emerald City







Maybe it’s because I worked at MGM Studios for so many years, protecting the great and powerful OZ franchise, but I immediately recognized the Emerald City of the Future. It’s in the Far-East, futuristic and Lagerfeld is the great and powerful wizard. Staged at the Grand Palais, this time the “set”  was the backdrop for a vision, some of it in ruins, of a world that mixes eras gone by with sci-fi, dare I say a bit of post-apocalyptic fashion.

Films and the cinema continue to dominate all of us and this collection is no exception. Influences from 3-D fabric, looks that are reminiscent of the “Blade Runner”, and Grace Jones (who I worked with at Universal Studios) come to mind. I won’t even go into that experience, but her signature look marched down the runway. Once a style icon, always an icon.

But what is Chanel without, as Lagerfeld said, “tradition with future.” So true. Reality was infused with sparkle, trademark Chanel tweeds with silvered sheen, diaphanous materials and glitter that made your heart pound. My favorite new style influencers are the bejeweled low slung belts, stacks of stunning rings, and headbands perched above sleek ponytails. Of course, no show is complete without a boot, reboot.  This time suede stocking boots.

Once again, we all follow the yellow brink road as Lagerfeld, in his “green glasses” shares his vision of our fashion future. No wonder we are all Dorothy’s longing for  the “brightness and glory”.


NJ Goldston, The Brunette