Fabulous Fall Fashion Trends


We could go with the usual trends but we never do. Instead, it’s much more fun to stand out in a crowd. Our cheat sheet of sophisticated looks that might generate a bit of style envy should get you thinking about what works for you—especially right before we plunge into New York Fashion Week today.

At the top of our list is pairing black shiny or suede thigh boots with a short flared skirt or a knit sweater dress (a B & B wardrobe staple), coats or a jackets with a ultra modern round shoulder (which is so fierce, and hey I just met a very subdued Christian Seriano the other night having dinner with our good friend Cameron Silver), anything dark and edgy fro evening, touches of camouflage and winter white in a sea of black.

The 80’s seem to have returned in tweeds, grunge and mohair but this time everything is flattering. The suit has been reinvented into an edgy urban uniform, mohair sweaters are a new type of  dressy “jacket” when paired with pencil skirts and trousers (which are also making a comeback), and Saint Laurent has made punk and rocker chic even cooler. We’re still not sure if it’s really selling.

Whatever you choose, booties are the go to accent or sandals with a bold ankle strap. We’ll start tracking these looks on all the “it” girls and selfies that originate from the runways of fashion week. We’ll literally keep you posted.


NJ, The Brunette and Lauren , The Blondette