Feather Fun

From earrings, to hair pieces, to dresses, feathers are becoming a very popular look, and I have a feeling it is only getting started.  I love the bohemian style, so feathers have always been intriguing to me and I am very excited about the newest feather trend, FEATHERLOCKS!

If you get easily bored with your hair, Featherlocks are a perfect, fun and easy, commitment-free way to snazz up your look.  Now, I feel like I have an extra accessory with me wherever I go!

Once you select the feathers you want, they are placed on your hair and then clamped down with a little bead that keeps the feathers in place. This is not damaging to your hair in the least.  You can wash, blow dry, flat iron, and even curl the feathers and they will last anywhere up to a month or two without ruin!  They cost anywhere from $10+

You can either purchase Featherlocks from conditionculture.com, or call your local hair salon to book an appointment.  (Make sure they offer feather extensions before booking an appointment. Since they are such a new trend, some hair salons do not offer them yet.  If you need help finding a salon in your area, let us know and we can help!)

Xx. Jadan