Festival Fashion Do’s & Dont’s


I feel like I say this every year, but there is NO WAY it’s already festival season!
Where does the time go? Anyways, enough about the time, let’s talk about fashion.


Well, if every store in America is right, which I am going to assume they are, we are going to see A LOT of midi / halter tops paired with high waisted skirts and shorts. They made their big debut at last years Coachella, and trust me, they are back for more…Much more!


Vintage Levi’s, slightly ripped, a bit over-sized, and you’ve absolutely nailed it. YES!


I think music festivals were made for the accessory junkies like myself! Hats, jewels, bags and sunnies! Accessories are always a yes…In fact, the more accessorized the better!


I always have such a love / hate relationship when it comes to fringe and festivals. I would normally say the fringe trend has come and gone, but for some reason, festivals make everything fringe seem okay again. Maybe it’s the free spirited hippie vibe of Woodstock in the 60’s we subconsciously all dive into. Whatever it is, I’m saying A’okay!


Always adorable. Always embrace the free spirited aspect of these festivals. Always a yes!


Heels / Leather / Fur :
No No & No! Just don’t do it! It’s hot, it’s sweaty, no one cares if you grew 5 inches in your Loubutins, you will look silly, so just don’t do it!

– Xx. Jadan Huter