Getting To The Top: Strategies For Career Success

I’ve know Kathryn Ullrich, experienced Silicon Valley executive recruiter, for many years and she’s a straight shooter who gives real career advice that works. She’s just published “Getting To The Top: Strategies For Career Success”.  To quote Kathryn, “You’re ambitious, success-oriented, and you’ve landed a great job. Now you’re ready to learn secrets that will enable you to climb to the top of the career ladder.”

But today, there’s a catch. “Many companies are no longer routinely grooming employees for senior- level executive positions. Career development is now up to the individual.”

She does a great job of charting how you can develop your own roadmap for career development, in order to be resilient, when the job market fluctuates wildly. Especially written for mid-career business professionals from thousands of interviews she conducted, she has learned and analyzed career path categories in marketing and sales, and five critical skills of successful executives. If you want to jump start your career, it’s worth the read. And a special shout out to Kathryn for featuring The Brunette in her book.

-The Brunette