Hair Trend Spotlight: The Sidesweep


As wedding season approaches, The Blonde and The Brunette is always looking for new ways to wear our hair to events. At the recent LA movie premiere of Hangover 3,  two of the stars went for an elegant sideswept wave but each with a distinct spin.

Jamie Chung used smooth sleek curls’s for a glamorous look. It added just the right amount of drama when paired with the plunging neckline of her black Armani lace dress.


However, Heather Graham, with her famous curves, may have stolen the show. She did more of a beachy look, with plenty of tousled volume. It worked perfectly with a flawless teal Herve L. Leroux gown. The icing was a drop dead bejewled statement diamond-and-emerald-stone chunky necklace (that most girls would love to wear for just even one night). Style note: Heather picked the perfect gown and jewels to accentuate her flawless skin tone and beautiful green eyes.


To get the look, just curl your hair and sweep to the side. Slightly tease the bottom layers to give a foundation then use some extra hold hair spray to seal it over! Voila!

So who did it best? Jaime or Heather?

-Kathryn, The Blonde