Hippie Chips

How about a healthy snack for the rocker in you?  Yeah, man.  Peace, Love & Gluten Free. Hippie Chips. It’ s an all-natural, baked ultra-light, and low in fat and calories. Some dude named Larry dropped them by the B & B and we had a bit of a taste test over lunch.  Munching on flavors from Sea of Love Salt, Lime is On My Side Cracker Pepper (get it: Time Is On My Side a.k.a. the Rolling Stones), Memphis Blues Barbecue and White Room Cheddar. In a white room with black curtains…okay, lost my way for a minute.  Anyways, they just made it to the Grammy’s in their Hippie Dippy bus and everyone is talking about them.  They’re awesome, guilt-free chips. myhippiechips.com

– NJ, The Brunette