How To Be The Best Dressed Wedding Guest


Summer wedding season is here, and we’re always wondering what to wear as the perfect wedding guest. Sometimes it all seems sooooo complicated (and you have to make sure to plan in advance before the seasons change-meaning Fall is about to arrive in the stores and you won’t have any options.) We spotted this “Infographic” (and we swear just learned this word), on Farfetch (actually NJ did as she was planning her outfit for an upcoming Black Tie destination wedding in Santa Barbara), and thought this is a need-to-share moment. So we’re sharing. From the Hamptons to a Black Tie or Cityscape venue there are some great inspo for what to wear (and you’ll wear it again). Not like 27 Dresses which ironically is playing over and over this time of year on cable.

Wedding Infographic-2

Check out a few of our favorites and try and guess what look NJ picked to be the perfect wedding guest. And hey, what are your summer wedding go-to pieces? We’d love to hear in the comments!


-The B&B Team

P.S.  NJ picked the Giambattista Valli black gown because it has a lot going for it. The new off-the-shoulder look,. Sexy but doesn’t outshine the bride. She can dance in it and no one will step on her train, and, very important, she can wear it over and over.