How To: Boyfriend Blazer

Pictured above: Boyfriend Blazer $94.81 (available in 3 colors)

How to wear the “Boyfriend Blazer”:

The “boyfriend blazer” is the easiest Fall/Winter go-to cover-up.  Not only does it look great paired with anything from long and short dresses, but it also looks great paired with jeans, skirts, shorts, etc.

Here are a couple tips you might take to look like a star during the upcoming seasons.


1. Go One Size Up

A boyfriend blazer is meant to look like it really is your boyfriend’s blazer.  Thus, it should be slightly larger than a tailored blazer that you might wear with a business suit.  It should also be a little big on your shoulders.  Instead of looking to make sure the seam is at the end of your shoulder, find a blazer where the seam is a half inch to an inch beyond the end of your shoulder.

In doing so, make sure you don’t go TOO big!  That is a mistake as well.  You don’t want to look like your swimming in your coat.

2. Roll Up The Sleeves

One of the characteristics of the boyfriend blazer is the rolled up sleeves.  If you’ve tried one on, and it didn’t look quite right to you, it might have been because this piece was missing.  Rolling up the sleeves adds your own little touch.  It’s like you ransacked your man’s closet and re-styled to suit you.


3. Avoid Shoulder Pads At All Cost!

You may have a large blazer hanging in your closet from stylish days in the 80′s, but for the boyfriend blazer look, just don’t do it!  You might be thinking…but I thought broad shoulders were in this season? It’s true!  Just not really for the boyfriend blazer style.

Xx. Jadan