Humanity For All

With all that is going on in the world, I am continuously inspired to contribute to organizations working towards bettering the lives of othersHumanity, a new company I have just come across, has already become a new favorite.  It comes in numerous styles and colors and catches the eyes of everyone!  After just a week, already a handful of friends have run out and picked one up for themselves.

Phrases located on bracelet : Plant Peace.  Live in Unity.  Freedom.  Make a Difference.  Accept Diversity.  Show Love.  Give Back.  Faith.  Humanity.  Speak kindness

25% of each purchase goes to support non-profit organizations. Becoming part of Humanity is the start of making a difference.

  • Humanity Happy Days Wrap Bracelet $30
  • Humanity Happy Days Chain Wrap Bracelet $24
  • Humanity Vintage Wrap Bracelet $30

Xx. Jadan