O.K. I don’t know how this one slipped by The Blonde & The Brunette or maybe because the new TV series The Playboy Club may turn into my guilty pleasure this Fall but I just spotted the Bunny Rabbit Silicone Case Skin for your iPhone WITH YOUR VERY OWN BUNNY HOLDER.  Yup, complete with a short hair tail and two lovely long ears on the top.  This is just so cute and a great conversation piece (plus another fun bachelorette party present).

Just a quick FYI, normally the case is used to provide a certain level of protection against wear-and-tear.  We don’t think the manufacturer can guarantee it will protect your iPhone in the event it gets dropped or has a large object fall on it, but at least it has a better chance of surviving unscathed. The best part is it’s not bulky.  Amazon seems to have almost the complete selection and they are priced at $7.99.  The multi-colored tail is my personal favorite.  What’s yours?

– NJ, The Brunette