Inside The Mind Of Jacqueline Brown. Designer of The New BesoBeso Jewelry Collection.

Last week I got to sit down with none other than Miss Jacqueline Brown, designer of the “BesoBeso” jewelry collection, herself.  Here is what she had to say!

Did you always aspire to become a jewelry designer?

No, never.  This just happened.  While pursuing acting, I became inspired and began making my mom and sister Christmas present two years ago.  Soon after I was getting calls, and now I love to design according to all my different personalities.

I noticed each piece in your collection has a unique name. For example, you have Moss, Eden, Chloe, Hermia, Etc.  What is the story behind the various names?

My love for theater and romance.  I love the Greek mythology and the stories behind  God and Goddess.  I want every girl to feel like a special Goddess when wearing their favorite piece.

Who is your ideal customer, are there any particular celebrities you would love to see wearing a piece from your collection?  Or any that already have?

I LOVE a girl that knows what she wants.  That is my ideal customer! I love a women that sees something and knows she has to have it!  Well, I am a huge fan of Amber Stevens fashion; she is one of my dear friends and I am so happy to be designing with her!  I loved working with Demi and Selena.  I am so happy that Taylor has been spotted wearing our stuff.  I have always been a huge fan of Britney Spears, so I am thrilled to see her wearing our stuff too!  I would just love love love to see my things on Kate Moss, The Olsen Twins, Kate Bossworth, and Sienna Miller!

How would you describe your “personal” style?

My personal style has inspired each of our collections to come.  Moss and Arm Candy are what we just launched.  “Moss” is the boho free spirited style I mainly wear and “Arm Candy” is the fun flirty girl side I like to exude at times. In the Fall, we are launching “Stevie” which is the rock rebellious style I love.  Down the road we will launch “Bardot” the sexy style, and then there is “Grace” the classic chic Hollywood glam I find just dazzling!  I like to mix and match all of these when I dress!  My stylist Chriselle Lim does a great job of helping get it right!!!

Do you have a favorite piece, or one you are most proud of in your collection? Why?

Well, I love so many that is hard. However, I love the “Christian” named after my business partner Amber and her line coming out.  Also, the “Barbie” because it is a show stopper, as well as the “Helene” inspired by my great grandmother.  I love that you will never find anything like the “Helene”.  It has a vintage renaissance feel and I get asked where I got it every time I have it on!

I’ll have to agree with what Jacqueline says about the “Helene“, it truly is a one-of-a-kind vintage beauty.  A few of my other favorites from the collection are the “Jax” shark tooth necklaces, the “Candace” sleeve rings that are wearable with just about everything, and my very favorite piece is the “Gemma” bracelet.  It’s difficult to narrow it down to just a few favorites as the collection is just brimming with creative pieces that will become the highlight of your jewelry box for years to come.

Take a look.

xx Jadan