Interview with a BLONDE fashionista: Thea Sheinberg

The Blonde and The Brunette sat down with the lovely Thea Sheinberg, who loves all things fashion and beauty and inspires those around her with her fierce fashion and her expertise of finding a great fashion bargain. Thea lives in Los Angeles with her husband and puppies and works at NBCUniversal. She also is a devout Blonde and Brunette reader!
B&B: How would you describe your personal style?

TS: I like to be girly with a bit of an edge to it. Skirts and dresses with some spikes mixed in somewhere.

B&B: Celeb fashion crush:

TS: Blake Lively.

B&B: Where is your favorite place to shop?

TS: Barneys and online… I love Ssence and shopbop.

B&B: Favorite designer:

TS: I am really into Iro right now.

B&B: Most flattering Jean style and brand:

TS: Current Elliott for Leather and Rag and Bone for Denim (Intermix always has exclusive Rag and Bone that is always great)

B&B: Best Fashion jewelry:

TS: Sharouk, Eddie Borgo and Ann Taylor (secret spot) Ann Taylor necklace

B&B: Secret to hide least favorite area:

TS: A-Line or Flared skirts and Dresses are the BEST

B&B: Favorite heels:

TS: Louboutin’s.

B&B: Favorite flats:

TS: Chanel and FSNY.

B&B: Running around shoe:

TS: Zara or Guiseppe Zanotti sandals.

B&B: Favorite sweater brand:

TS: Helmut Lang.

B&B: Best Tank:

TS: T by Alexander Wang.. I wear one almost every day

B&B: Favorite dress:

TS: These Herve Leger’s: Flare Skirt Bandage Dress $1,350 & Flared Bandage Dress $1,250

B&B: Leather jacket:

TSMy Monika Chaing leather moto jacket.

B&B: Do you have a signature fragrance?

TSBond Street I heart NY (the pink one)

B&B: Out of the shower hair product:

TS: Moroccan Oil.

B&B: Favorite Dry shampoo:

TS: Klorane.

B&B: Sunless tanner regime:

TS: St. Tropez.

B&B: Best Eye Liner:

TS: Laura Mercier with a MAC brush

B&B: Best Mascara:

TS: Maybelline $5.99

B&B: Can’t live without beauty professional:

TS: My hair colorist Deby Kaplan.. My roots get CRAY and I am not a natural blonde so I pretty much live in the hair salon chair.

B&B: Most effective face product:

TS: My Clarisonic Mia with ANYTHING made by Arcona on it. I use to have acne before I started using the Basic 5 for Oily skin.

B&B: Favorite beauty treatment:

TS: Facials from Ricki at Ricki Skin Care.

B&B: Favorite Drug Store Product:

TS: Neosporin Overnight Lip Renewal (Makes your lips SO soft!)

B&B: Secret weapons:

TS: cleau de peu concealer and DRY SHAMPOO.

B&B: Eye cream:

TS: Sisley Paris Eye Contour Mask.

B&B: Eyebrow:

TSSenna Brow Shaper in Blonde Duo.

B&B: Nighttime Foundation:

TS: Tarte

B&B: Lip regime:

TS: Mac Boy Bait Gloss.

B&B: Favorite Blush:

TS: Tarte in Amuse.

B&B: Favorite workout:

TS: Spinning at Cycle House LA with Jason.. It’s the ONLY workout I have ever been able to stick to.

B&B: Best diet trick:

TS: I can’t diet. It just doesn’t work for me, I LOVE to eat.. I am not one of those girls who can do a juice cleanse. I have tried and fail every time. (Resulting in drinking the juices with my burger and fries) But when I want to drop the excess water weight I drink a digestive aiding tea and try to eat lots of greens.

B&B: Favorite Vacation Destination:

TS: Maui!

B&B: What is your necessary extravagance?

TS: Online shopping it’s more like an addiction.

B&B: What book is on your nightstand?

TS: Currently I am reading Bared To You.. Just finished the 50 Shades Trio and am having withdrawals.

B&B: What or who inspires you?

TS: My grandmother, Lorraine Sheinberg she is my mentor in every way and best friend.

-Kathryn, The Blonde