Saturday night at MOCA was a true HAPPENING.  Completely envisioned by the artistic genius of Doug Aitken, it was a night that delivered everything promised.  With international, national and LA supporters all in attendance, the evening was perfectly orchestrated from the cocktail reception and preview of the new Artist’s Museum (which is a must see) to a celebrity turnout that equaled the Oscars (and we saw everyone from Gwen Stefani, Gennifer Goodwin, Kate Bosworth and Monique Lhlluier and even bumped into Vera Wang).  We met a great blonde and brunette as well.  The fashion (and if you didn’t get the memo) was black, lace, sheer, short and/or sequins with statement  jewelry.  The excitement started with the amazing  performances by Devendra Banhart, Beck and Caetano Veloso.  Here’s the genius of the night.  Doug Aitken’s new work WE (The Idea of The West) permeated the evening from the menu to his  imaginative lighting, the five-limited edition Sonic Tables (and we were lucky enough to sit at one as the guests of Mandy and Cliff Einstein and that’s Mandy and The Brunette above) which was cleared for the drummers and then WE unfolded.  A moving musical vision of the American West including 6 rural farm auctioneers, 1 cattle whipper, 5 sonic tables, 20 drummers, the Los Angeles Gospel Choir, and Doug Aitkin & Studio.  It ended with screams of “Bravo!” No one wanted to go home. The night was creative fairy dust and MOCA is the new Tinkerbell in LA.

-The Brunette