LA Closet Design

You can’t feel very stylish if your closet is cluttered. It literally weighs you down emotionally and psychologically. Lisa Adams is the creative force behind LA Closet Design, a full service firm offering personalized living spaces created to calm the chaos of everyday living.  She’s also the mastermind behind the gorgeous closets we showcased in the Esquire House.

Lisa believes “closets are transitioning from private, uninteresting and often unorganized spaces to open, inviting and appealing spaces. The overall design of the closet, as well as the clothing in it, is a reflection of our life, our style, and our artistic expression. As closets are becoming more welcoming, people are even allowing house guests to view another side of their lives, their style and even their personal obsessions.”  If you are starting to think about eliminating clutter in your life and closet, it might be worth checking out your options. I’m pretty sure Lisa will have a solution that works for you.

-The Brunette