LACMA Art + Film Gala: Gucci Gowns Rule The Night


Who doesn’t love a drop dead gorgeous gown?  We all do and Gucci proved it once again by ruling and sponsoring Saturday night’s LACMA’s Art +Film Gala.  With almost the entire A-list Red Carpet decked out in fabulous, eccentric pastels it was an atypical and totally fashion forward LA night. Of course, the other option was not so classic black looks. Both directions proved totally irresistible. I broke out of my mold and went, yes (!!!), with a color, in a turquoise Gucci princess gown. Asked to describe my choice to both The Hollywood Reporter and the Wall Street Journal,  I explained it was equally romantic and fierce with a black sequinned panther across the front complimented by a ringed Italian neck embellishment aptly translated as “Blinded By Love.” It might even be my favorite gown I’ve ever worn and I actually plan to wear it again and again— truly the mark of a great dress. I styled it with Gucci silver and black sky-high platforms, a black clutch, statement earrings, and free flowing hair. Less was more. Check out some of our favorite looks of the night and well, mine too; and, fyi, I almost wore the same pink confection Zoe Saladana opted for but loved my choice even more.









 With Love From The LA Fashion Front

NJ Goldston, The Brunette

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