Lanvin Fall 2011 Runway: Opposites Attract

Alber Ebez marched another grand statement down the runway in Paris yesterday.  It was a mixed message between the daywear (which was austere at best) and channeling of the hat of the wicked witch of the West (and the more I absorbed, the more interesting it became).  Although, I would just love to know what you think.  Tell us!!  But the sensuality of the eveningwear trumped the day and we will be getting reports from Paris with more insights shortly.  So with all that said, maybe It’s me, but I “J’adore Lanvin” evening  from the Fall 2011.  Ebez refined his silhouettes, fabrications especially with the lace, the bold florals (and there were only a few) and hot pinks and reds that smolder.  At The Blonde & The Brunette our favorite is always the closing and dazzling march of the Lanvin brigade.

– NJ, The Brunette