Lash Dipping

HOT OFF THE PRESS!! Lash Dipping is here! You are the first to know about this amazing new cosmetic application called “Lash Dipping”.  I just had it done and I am loving the results!  I couldn’t wait to tell readers of The Blonde & The Brunette all about it!

It is a total mascara replacement that tints, curls and coats your lashes.  This is especially perfect for my Blondes out there with the blondie eyelashes — this puts the “lash tint” to shame.

Lash Dipping is a painless, 45-minute process that lasts six to seven weeks.  After initial application, you return for a touch-up (this is included in the fee).  Three to four weeks after the touch up, a majority of your lashes will be back to normal, then you start the process again.  I haven’t used mascara or makeup remover since I got it.  I have had nothing but gorgeous, beautifully sculpted lashes when I wake up, through my workouts, showers and when I go to bed at night.  This is really great for someone who doesn’t want to put on mascara everyday (can’t be bothered) and who doesn’t want smearing raccoon eyes anymore.  Perfect for vacations!

Cynthia Roman, my makeup trend guru, did my Lash Dipping in her serene studio in Beverly Hills.  Even better, Cynthia is giving all BnB readers a 20% discount!  Just mention our site!

Cynthia Roman Makeup Studio

415 N. Camden Drive, Suite 107

Beverly Hills, CA 90210


– Kathryn, The Blonde