Lash Obsession

We here at The Blonde and The Brunette are not afraid to share our beauty enhancement secrets.  That is what girlfriends are for!

Fake lashes make eyes appear bigger and give them a sparkle even without eye makeup.  They are the perfect antidote for a sleepy, “not feeling so hot” day.  So I have become obsessed with lashes, so much so that I don’t feel like “me” without them.  I either have on my lash extensions which last up to four weeks, if properly taken care of, or I’ll put on individuals for the night.

If you are new to lashes, try individuals first, and then you’ll get a good taste!  I went to Cynthia Roman in Beverly Hills to learn how to put them on.

Fridays only: Individual lash application for $20.00! Takes about ten minutes!
(regularly $35.00)

Once you are a devout eyelash client, you have to try Lash Extensions.  The application and technique really does matter, so go to Cynthia Roman, because she has been putting on my lashes for years and I know she is the best.  I wake up and go when I have Lash Extensions on; I never put on mascara or eyeliner.  You really don’t need it!  I put on new lash extensions about every 5-6 weeks, so that I give my natural lashes a good rest.  Application takes 45 mins and my lashes look fab for 3-4 weeks.  The first session is $225 and after that touch-ups are $125.

My secrets to maintaining my lash extensions:

  1. Never get them wet! I don’t wash my face in the shower, only in the sink, and I use a facial towel to rinse off the soap, avoiding the eye area. To clean your eyes, use a wet  Q tip.
  2. Keep using your Latisse or Revitalash (what I use) while you have the extensions on.

This is me right after my Lash Extension application, with no makeup on!

Go get your lashes!

Cynthia Roman Makeup Studio
415 N. Camden Drive, Suite 121
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

– Kathryn, The Blonde