Your Closet Expanded: LE TOTE Fashion Rentals

It’s the holidays and honestly, everyone’s budgets and dollars don’t seem to go as far. Ta-dah! Shop. Wear. Exchange. LE TOTE rentals give you unlimited access to clothing and accessories. The way it works is you just fill out your style profile and each month your “tote” arrives at your doorstep with three garments and two accessories.  Keep it as long as you want, ship it back or get your next tote. You only pay for what you absolutely love. Easy peezey.


The “Jewelry and Boutique Boxes” are filled with goodies from the likes of NastyGal, ShopBop, Nordstrom and Anthropoligie. To get your monthly fix, sign up at LE TOTE. $49/month.


NJ Goldston, The Brunette, Lauren, the Blondette and Ashlee, Brunette Contributor