Let’s Make Traffic A Little Lighter






LA, traffic and jewelry. An unlikely combination.We think there’s a reason you’ll love all three together. I met Lauren Makai at an event last month, and she wow’d me with her new “Commuter Collection.” Somehow, Lauren was able to turn one of LA’s most annoying aspects into a quaint piece of jewelry that actually made me rather fond of Los Angeles traffic.

I’m sure we all could have used these charms BEFORE the jam packed Emmy weekend, the Hollywood Boulevard closing last night for Sir Paul McCartney’s performance and Justin Timberlake tonight on The Jimmy Kimmel show , am I right?

The backstory: In 2008, Lauren relocated from Brooklyn, NYC to Los Angeles, CA and began her search as to what unified Los Angelinos. She was sad to realize the unavoidable reality. Without public transportation so vastly available (as it is in cities like NYC and SF) everyone is constantly speeding right by each other never connecting to others on their path. It is her hope, that the Commuter Collection with help people slow down, and enjoy the ride.

Personally, the car is a very enjoyable place for me. Not only is it my favorite place to sing, dance and be my own Beyoncé, but it is my favorite place to gather my thoughts. Here in Los Angeles, we spend a very large percentage of our lives in the car, so rather than try and fight the traffic, maybe it’s time we embrace it! We all have a story, we all have a journey, and sometimes it’s good to take a moment to realize, we’re all in this traffic together!

Lauren Makai’s necklaces are lightweight, come in oxidized and polished silver and gold, and are just a few millimeters around. They have come to serve as discrete little LA pride pendants. You can get anywhere from one to six pendants and the highways range from the 1 to the 710. www.lmakai.com

What’s your route?

Xx. Jadan Huter