The Light That Will Take Your Photos To The Next Level

Wanting to take your photos to the next level and take selfies like a pro? Our new favorite light, by Wyze Photo is a all-in-one lighting solution that is perfect for bloggers, influencers, or simply anyone who wants to take quality photos! The light kit comes with everything you need and is super easy to set up! Take it on the go with you, with it’s wireless batteries, remote control, and it’s own iphone holder to set your phone in and record with no other equipment needed! Not only did we put this light to the test and it blew us away with the shots we got of people, but we also we’ve loved being able to use it for shooting food and other product shots too.

Want to give it a try and take your photos to the next level? The Blonde & The Brunette has teamed up with Wyze Photo and is giving you an additional 10% when you buy! Just use code, wyze4b&b10



-Lauren Cheek & The B&B Team