Lipstick That Stays Put

NARS Gypsy Above and on Kathryn

Lipsticks are the hot accessory this season especially with a little black dress. One of our favorites at The Blonde and the Brunette is NARS. Not only do these lipsticks stay put all night long, but the colors are gorgeous! I wore NARS Gypsy  (a perfect choice for blondes) for a big event recently and I loved it along with the compliments.  I’ve also been trying to get NARS Schiap, a hot pink, which is a great choice for brunettes!  It’s often sold out but I can usually find it if I troll the NARS site, or Sephora.  Neiman Marcus  also has a great selection of colors including the gorgeous Funny Face. $24 each and totally worth the splurge for totally luscious lips just like Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian In NARS Schiap

-Kathryn, The Blonde with a tiny assist from NJ, The Brunette