Made For The Road

First a little background.  Rick Owens began making clothes in 1994.  Because he is known as the “Goth of Fashion, I shied away from the line until two years ago.  My friend Paula who owns Gypsy on Nantucket poured me into his asymmetrical Blister leather biker jacket and I have been wearing it across the country ever since. I really thought his garments would slate me into a limited look.  I must admit I have worn the jacket to a black tie event over a Donna Karan dress in New York, with jeans and a tee shirt shopping in LA, and even with long necklaces and my Free People maxi dress to the beach on Nantucket.  How can one jacket do it all from coast to coast?  The only thing that limited me was me! We need to be open-minded about fashion and reaching out to new brands and styles to recreate our look.  While 2011 is upon us and everything around the New Year is out with the old and in with the new…however, I think I’ll be taking my Rick Owens Blister Coat with me for seasons to come!  Also available at

– Randy, Blonde Contributor