Missoni For Target

Before getting my eyes on even one product from this line, I think it’s safe to say that the Missoni for Target line will be Target’s best collaboration yet!  We have definitely seen a few of their past collaborations flop, but I don’t think Missoni would take a chance at tarnishing their name with this collaboration unless they were certain it would succeed.

Racked has confirmed the collaboration is “a full-on lifestyle line featuring every category under the sun” (womenswear, menswear, kiddie-wear, footwear, accessories, bed, bath, home, office, travel, you name it). So basically, feel free to go crazy and deck out your life in Missoni! Racked has also let it slip that in addition to their extravagant line, they have gone even one step further, talking about not only a $599.99 Missoni for Target patio set, but I also hear the line will include a bike!  Missoni Bike…now that, I NEED to have!  The line will be in stores on September 13th.

As I’m sure most of you know by now, yesterday SheFinds posted behind-the-scenes images from the Missoni/Target collab photoshoot.


xx Jadan