Missoni Madness!

As most of you know, This morning at 8am was the Missoni for Target launch!

I know many of you have been eagerly awaiting this day for weeks, The Blonde & The Brunette included!  I woke up bright and early, thinking I would be one of the first shoppers.  Boy was I mistaken! B y 8:25, the first Target I went to was sold out of nearly everything! I hopped back in my car thinking the next nearest Target might give me better luck.  Again! Sold out of nearly everything! People were literally asking to buy items out of other peoples shopping carts.

At this point I was in a panic.  I called my sister who lives in Las Vegas, and she was having much better luck! But still…no luggage!  She said by 8:10 when she arrived, nearly all of the big items had been ripped off the shelves and in baskets!  People didn’t even care what they were buying at this point!

Alas, John, my brother-in-law saved the day!  He stopped in at a Target he happened to be driving past, and knowing my sister and I were VERY excited about this collaboration, he went inside to see what they MIGHT have left.  To ALL of our excitement, they had it all!  Luggage, shoes, computer cases, candles, even dish sets!  I was jumping up and down at this point, and am very pleased he was able to grab all of my “must-have” pieces!

Not only was Target a MADHOUSE in Los Angeles, but our friends around the globe reported back that the Target for Missoni line sold out in most of the Chicago and New York stores in less than five minutes!

For all those who haven’t braved the Target madhouse yet, Target Online is continuing to have technical difficulties, but should hopefully be sorted out soon, and I spoke with a manager at Target and she said they are not allowed to discuss when their next shipment will be coming in, could be tomorrow, could be next weekSo ladies, (and gentleman) keep your eyes peeled for the next Missoni Madhouse!

This is by far the BEST Target collaboration I have ever seen!  Each piece is not only to-die-for, but each is made with such quality fabric, you can tell they put a lot of heart into this line. Here are a few photos below of a few of my sister & my’s favorite pieces John was able to pick up for us.

By the way, does anyone else think it is absurd the $190.00 luggage is already being sold on eBay for $525.00?

Xx. Jadan