MTA VMA Red Carpet


Photos Courtesy of Andreas Branch/

This is one of those times when The Blonde and The Brunette are not exactly sure what to say about the fashion at the MTV Video Awards Sunday night except that it is fun to watch the parade.  I think we all have to agree that Beyoncé stole the show and our hearts as she unveiled her expectant mom status with a beaming Jay-Z as the proud husband. She was radiant. Britney Spears also looked great and Adele was very elegant. I have to admit, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga added the big entertainment factor. One of my other favorites was Ashley Rickards as well as Maria Menounas. Of course, we included newlywed Kim Kardashian, Katie Holmes, Demi Lavato, Zoe Saldano, Selena Gomez, “Snooki”, Michelle Williams in our roundup. But, I am undecided on Skylar Grey and Crystal Reed. What did you think? What were your favorites?

-NJ, The Brunette