New! AVON Wonderbrush: Best Mascara Invention Ever


This just in…Avon has just released a new product that will change the way we look at mascara…Forever! That’s right! You can say goodbye to the old spoolie method we have come to know so well, and say hello to “painting” your lashes on with Avon’s new Wonderbrush.

The new Wonderbrush not only bends and adjusts to multiple angles capturing every last lash, but it provides 24-hour volume leaving your lashes darker and more dramatic than ever before! The best part? It won’t break the bank!

The wide brush has a slight curve so that it’s a natural fit to your lash line, and the extra surface area is designed to deliver 40% more mascara to the lash. Not only did Avon nail the “innovation” factor, but the formula is incredible! It delivers an incredibly thick dramatic look, yet feels like you’re wearing nothing at all! I’m a mascara “snob,” so coming from me, you know it’s a keeper!

Avon – Mega Effects Mascara $10.00

Xx. Jadan Huter