Paris Spring 2013:A Study In Black & White

Forget color for Spring. Black & white is ruling the 2013 Paris Ready-To-Wear (RTW) Runway with Balmain, Balenciaga and Lanvin leading the pack. They marched out everything from a raffia-woven harlequin (Balmain), a Latin twist (Balenciaga) and some cutting-edge sexy from Lanvin with interpretations in singular black, combinations of white & black and a dab of color.   Lots of skin was also in evidence with “bras”, midriffs, and cut-outs balanced by strips, transparency, intricate embellishments and fabrications. Is it a political or economic foreshadowing of a dark things in our future? I think not. It’s a statement about how a modern women really lives her life in black & white with a touch of technicolor and a bit of passion.


NJ, The Brunette