Prada Satin Ricamo Runway Bags:On Sale Online

It’s not very often that you can grab a stunning Prada runway bag at a very special price. There are just a few left from this Fall’s iconic 2012 collection. Most are at half price, but it might be the perfect time to splurge on yourself. Just in case you are in the holiday spirit and want to clutch something bejeweled, the Raso Ricamo Satin collection is suddenly within reach.

  • A) Prada Raso Ricamo Satin Top Handle Bag. Sold Out Before It Shipped.  We couldn’t resist showing it anyway.
  • B) Prada Raso Ricamo Satin Frame Bag. Small. Anthracite. Now $2450
  • C) Prada Ricamo Stain Oval Clutch. Violet. Now $1645
  • D) Prada Ricamo Satin Box Clutch . Anthracite. Now $1645.
  • E) Prada Ricamo Satin Box Clutch. Violet. Now $1645.
  • F) Prada Flat Clutches. Black & Violet. $1495

If you need a nudge, remember,  Mrs. Prada emphatically stated  “This collection is all about the pleasure of fashion.”


NJ, The Brunette