Scratch & Sniff Nails

Take a trip down memory lane and pretend you are 10 years old again with my newest find.  Remember scratch-and-sniff stickers?  Well, here comes a more sophisticated version…scratch and sniff NAILS!

Mattese Elite Neon SCENTED nail polish.  The color range includes hot pink, neon purple, electric blue, and a yellowy green.  Each polish is named for a Happy Hour Cocktail and each smells like their fruity color inspiration — grape, orange, lime, and cherry.  I had to test this out for myself to see if they really smelled. I bought the “Purple Passion” & it DID, in fact, make my nails smell like a grape bubble pop.  So whether or not you prefer your nails to smell like a fruity pop is your choice, at least you can rest assured these polishes work!


Mattese Elite Neon Nail Polishes $5.99 each at Ricky’s


Xx. Jadan