September Issue


This is something I look forward to all year long. The September fashion issues. It’s that moment when I curl up, well outside by the pool, blast some music, chill, and dive into everything Fall. My favorite season and probably yours. It’s the final divide between summer and the reality of back-to-work (full-force), back-to-school, and the autumn social season. It’s also when you confront the reality of your closet, how your wardrobe may just need a facelift, and your style requires a serious edit.

But times have changed a bit. This year, there’s been a bit of a backlash. Many mags are so hefty, they are being touted as too much of a good thing. ELLE. 656 pages.  Harper’s Bazaar. 600 pages. W. 454 pages. Vogue 902 pages. there a psychology to pages ending on an even number?

Bottom line. The economy is possibly picking up although many retail forecasts are a bit grim. My take. Even in this digital world, we love the combination of instant fashion, instant access, and instant everything, but, we also relish that quiet time to absorb the latest turn of the fashion dial. Advertisers can romance us with a compelling image, which we are more likely to revisit; editors capture our attention and imagination with scintillating editorials graced with the absolute best the runways, stylists and photographers have to offer; and yes, the lines are getting blurred between print and the full-on digital miss-mash. Pages are even invaded with all kinds of new ways to buy.  But, savvy publishers know us like the back of their hand. We long for both worlds.

As it turns out, there is room for everybody. We inspire each other. Push the creative envelope. New fashion stars are created. The Saint Laurent collection is lauded even though most quietly disliked it, and we seriously start to think not only about celebrities but our own persona. How do we want to express ourselves in the months and year ahead?

As the great Bill Cunningham, famous New York Times fashion and street photographer says,” Fashion is the armor, to survive the reality of everyday life.”  It’s the best kind of September issue.


NJ, The Brunette