She’s Here! Pamela Reporting From Paris. But First, Heathrow.

Pamela, our newest brunette contributor is on the scene (check the B & B About section for more on Pamela) and she’s about to give us the inside scoop on Paris in the coming weeks. But first, she had a quick stop at Heathrow where she was anxiously awaiting her connection to Paris.  Ahhh the fun of Heathrow….She had to take a fast peek at  London-based Mulberry and gave us some of her top choices with Ashlee capturing some of Mulberry’s newest arrivals. Let us know if you agree.

a.) Bayswater – in Camel Glossy Buffalo Leather,  b.) Lily – in Camel Metallic Leopard Leather,  c.) Charlie – in Black Drummed Patent,  d.) Daria Medium Hobo – in Anthracite Velvet Ostrich Print,  e.) Charlie – in Steel Metallic Leopard,  f.) Greta Satchel – in Hammered Gold Metallic Lambskin,  g.) Leah Hobo – in Camel Plonge Lambskin

Pamela then sent B&B another quick text that her “meet-and-greet” had warned  her of riots, strikes and frigid weather (it’s all over the news) but “she just armed herself with a warm coat, rugged boots (well, new Prada lug sole rugged-LOOKING boots…) and a craving for a Laduree caramel macaroon” as she flew off to meet another brunette and two blondes who will be joining us soon.  Welcome aboard, Pamela!

-The Brunette & Ashlee