Special Giveaway: Firm Me Up Anti Cellulite Créme


We took the Firm Me Up Anti Cellulite Créme 30 Day Challenge. Why? It’s bathing suit season. Wouldn’t you? They challenged us to try it for 30 days. My hand went up first and then Kathryn’s. The promise. Firm Me Up is a first-of-its-kind formula, designed to help transform stubborn, bumpy cellulite into skin that looks and feels smoother, younger and more refined.

Naturally it was created by a woman, Leslie Laxer, who had battled with cellulite and was frustrated by the lack of effective products-just like some of us (even if we stay in shape and eat right). The difference, she decided to do something about it. Her solution. A unique delivery system for the lipoderm-based product. The way it works is by allowing state-of-the-art ingredients to penetrate skin more effectively to potentially boost micro-circulation for better results over time.

OK. Does it really work?  We followed the directions, and you MUST apply it twice daily morning and night, for 30 days. Here’s the part we loved the best. You can chart your progress on the side of the tube! I’m impatient but this really helped me stick with it because you don’t see results right away. It took about two weeks to see smoother skin and almost three weeks to see a reduction in dimpling. So, the answer is an emphatic “Yes.” Our legs look so much better and we’re much more confident by the pool or at the beach. We’re offcially hooked.

Of course, when we find something great, we like to share. Would you like to take the challenge?  The Blonde and The Brunette along with Up Beauty is giving away a one month supply. For your chance to win:

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  2.  Leave a comment telling us why you’d love to take the 30 day Firm Me Up Challenge.

Entries will be accepted until July 29th, 2013 at 5 PM PST.  The winner will be announced on July 30th, 2013  5 PM PST.  No purchase is necessary to enter or win. The giveaway is open to anyone age 18 and older with a valid email address at time of entry.  Open to U. S. residents only. The winner must claim prize within 48 hours of announcement.  If winner has not claimed their prize, a new winner will be selected. The winner will be electronically selected at random from all valid entries. Warning: This product is for For external use only.  Not for use while pregnant. Consult with a doctor if pregnant or breastfeeding before use. Avoid contact with eyes or mucus membrane.  Wash hands thoroughly after use. Do not apply to wounds or damaged skin.

But, hey, don’t wait to see if you are going to win. The swimsuit season isn’t over and who doesn’t want to look good all year long?  Enter the code BNB10 when ordering for a special Blonde and Brunette 10% discount. $89 for a 5.00 ounce 30 day supply. For more information or to order, check out the Up Beauty website.

As founder Leslie Laxer says, “You don’t have to be thin to have great legs.”


NJ, The Brunette & Kathryn, The Blonde