Stella McCartney Spring 2012 Is Stellar

If you haven’t gotten the message about Spring 2012 then Stella McCartney clearly delivered it: sexy is back.  So start getting in shape for spring now.

I’ve met Stella McCartney briefly on several occasions and the hallmark of her great physique (in my opinion) is her terrific, very athletic legs.  This may actually be the inspiration for so many of her great designs.  She showcases her own work better than anyone else.  She has this amazing knack of delivering an almost sporty version of relaxed dressing for the day (and that is exactly how she leads her busy life as a designer, wife and mother) and then she completely amps it up for night.  In this instance, she focused on lingerie, lace and dazzling silhouettes for hot summer nights.   Contained in this mix was everything from smart suit dressing; brights with a gorgeous electric blue; paisley pajama looks, a bit of sweater dressing and a touch of the preppy.  Stella’s on a roll.  I think it’s worth all of the  trips to the gym.


– NJ, The Brunette